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Family VISA

Family VISA Overview

A family visa gives you the freedom to move from one nation to another and live there with your entire family. The rest of the family can immigrate to a country if one or more members of the family already live there.

If you are currently living in the country on a different visa, you may be able to switch to a family visa to stay with your child, fiancé, or partner. There are many variations of a Family Visa, all of which depend on the relationship that you have with the settled person in that country.

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Why us?

We all agree that staying close to family is crucial, and getting a family visa can help you avoid having to live apart from your loved ones. You can get assistance with applications for all varieties of family visas from our team of committed immigration attorneys. We will assist you to weigh your alternatives, determine the status of your dependents, and do a full document check for you.

To accompany your Family Visa application, one of our attorneys will draught a Letter of Representation that will demonstrate the validity of your request and the relevant immigration regulations. Additionally, until a decision is made, your attorney will complete your application form with the help of their expertise and communicate with the Home Office during your Family Visa application. This service will improve your chances of receiving a Family Visa.

You get these extra benefits if you choose us -
  • We will help you to stay close to your family.
  • Get a faster decision on your application.
  • We go above and beyond with our work. We take satisfaction in creating practical answers to immigration-related problems.
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Key Points to remember while applying for Family VISA

  • You must have a valid relationship with your family member.
  • You and your family member must have enough money to finance your stay.
  • Do not lie on your application form.

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